Can't list nor transfer NFTs from one collection in OpenSea - Metamask browser

I can’t list nor transfer NFTs from one collection in OpenSea from browser extension. MetaMask gets stucked loading forever.

Trying to list:

Trying to transfer:

Listing and transfering NFTs from the same collection works as expected using MetaMask mobile app. I’ve listed and transfered NFTs from this collection using MetaMask browser extension in the past. What can be the problem here?

Hm, thanks for this question @Martin27 .

Are you using Chrome on desktop?

Can you try clearing your cookies/cache and also make sure you have the latest version of MM downloaded.

If all of the above don’t solve it, can you reach out to our help desk regarding this? Visit and click the blue ‘start a conversation’ bubble. It will connect you with a bot initially but once you get through some questions you will be connected with an agent.

Remember, nobody, including from support, will ever ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase.