Can't sell tokens on KCC

Need help with Koffeeswap

I recently had an X10 on a coin i bought, but i couldn’t sell it. It’s not a honeypot, it is on the KCC Chain, through the KofeeSwap exchange

So far tried speeding it up, cancelling it, didn’t work.
Tried resetting my account, and doing it through kuswap

Now i’m only X2 and i’m afraid it’ll go to X0.

Any solutions?

Is it stuck in pending? Are you seeing the transaction as pending as well on KCC’s block explorer?
Speeding and cancelling are also considered a transaction with gas fees, the higher the gas the quicker the transaction will go thought.

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Correct, right now it’s stuck on “submitted”. I tried “restore my account” so the 3 pending txs on the lower left dissapeared, but if i click it shows as submitted. Can’t cancel, nor gas it up.

New to KCC so don’t know how it works but if i click the explorer link it shows nothing, on every coin

Had the same problem. I did a YouTube search and found this video:


Sorry can’t post links in here. Just search on YouTube.