Cant withdraw Ethereum on BSC network

ive got 30 usd in ethereum and cant send it to ETH adress, sayd insufficent Gas fee…

Hi Vixx BSC use BNB for pay fees :slightly_smiling_face:

what do i have to do in order to send my 0.0126 ETH on BSC network back to binance? please help

You must buy some BNB (0.051) :slightly_smiling_face: and send BNB to Metamask ETH address (for transaction use BEP20)

25 dollars to withdraw 30 are you kidding me??

what if i swap to other currency??

sorry boy :smile: but minimum Binance windrawal BNB is 0.05

Луиджи, может вы и мне поможете?

Alina What do you need help with? Send me private massage :slightly_smiling_face:

i want to withdraw my money from here… bullshit platform

Alina what? :smiley: write english please… test Metamask on PC

sent Bnb on the BSC network but it shows up on another BNB token with an ETN badge

it’s OK Alina :slightly_smiling_face: my mobil Metamask :point_down:

hi Luigi,
how about Swap ETH ( BSC ) to BNB ? I can’t swap them, please help me. I want to withdraw my ETH ( BSC ) to Binance

Hi @BinShyn you have some BNB in MetaMask wallet?

NOW :slightly_smiling_face: is Minimum Withdrawal for BEP20 (BSC) only 0.02 BNB = now cca 11 USD

no sir, cause I just started using Metamask, so i don’t have any coin in my wallet