Coinbase ETH to MetaMask wallet

Hello, I transferred eth from Coinbase to MetaMask wallet. I didn’t set up eth wallet but had it sent to main MetaMask wallet. How do I import the eth to show up in the account? The contract says it went thru. Here’s the contract address: 0x2fd7d8bb0559eb2992fb8720cebaa0a78fe73e0140263e1eb127f01c2f73e38f

Thank you!


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Also, I wouldn’t mind giving a bit to someone’s wallet if they help me with the issue. Thanks again :facepunch:

Hey @Ericftc, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

ETH is the native token for the Ethereum network, so you do not need to import it because it already shows up. Make sure you are on the correct address that the ETH has been sent to.