Coins disappeared due to wrong deposit of DCH

Please understand that I am using a translator.

Someone please help A company called Coinbig moved the DCH coin to the Metamask wallet, but the coin disappeared without a trace due to my mistake.

Address: 0x7dF5f530AA41bc6FCB4F208ce8d579f97CD2A649
TXID: 0xdf7b9a24b902208a91932de577a779747e01a34fc36a5e564f5eb
Processing Time: 15:53:32 2021/06/16

please help me

If I remember correctly, a deposit mistake can lead to fund loss. Unfortunately if that happens, there is no (trust me, I made the same mistake before) way of recovering it.

Do you mean the 496 DGC tokens that are in your wallet???

The coins are there, you just need to add the custom token to Metamask to be able to see them.

On Metamask choose Add Token, go to custom token tab, add the following address:


The rest of the information fills up by itself. Push next, then add token and you are set. You should see your tokens on Metamask.

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You were right! Thanks for your help!

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