Noob who lost his coins


You’ve heard this a million times already I bet!!!

So imagine your only just jumping on this Crypto bandwagon for fear of missing out. You buy through Binance…and then you start getting messages from your bank with all sorts of warnings.

So you set up a wallet with Metamask with the idea that you will transfer all of your shiny new coins so they are protected. So you take the smallest one you own and send it, following the ‘extremely easy’ instructions. And then your coins never arrive in your wallet, so clearly something went wrong like you chose something wrong because you don’t understand what your doing.

So, have they really just gone? gone where, where did they go? they must be somewhere? there cant just be this nooob space where they are renamed idiot coins waiting for Elon to tweet about them??? is there any way to get them back if you have your TXID??

Obviously asking for a friend…

What token type are they? have you added them as a custom token in metamask?

They were TRX Tron sent from Binance