Common problems on MM

The sad part is that the people that need to read this won’t see it till it’s already happened to them. This is mostly for anyone somewhat new to crypto, MM is a shit platform. If you want to lose your crypto, get absolutely no help from support, and when and if they do happen to respond, you’ll get told that it’s your own fault that you had your crypto stolen. They will blame it on your computer, tell you that you gave out your secret phrase, or some other bullshit excuses that apparently somehow someone had all your info but waited till you decided to use MM before doing anything with all this info that they have had for who knows how long. Yep even though they had your secret phase, they waited till you used MM before stealing your funds but MM is not responsible for this, their platform is secure and apparently unhackable. Like I said MM is a shit platform and you will very likely have your crypto stolen from you if you choose to use MM. At least coinbase will notify you if their platform has been compromised and actively work to return what is yours, MM will not do this. I opened an account with MM , imported my wallet, used it for 15 minutes kinda just looking around, went off line, logged back in a few hours later to have over $2k worth of crypto taken from my account, same day I opened it. Apparently who ever hacked my account had all my info before hand but waited till I imported my wallet to MM before they chose to steal my crypto, but MM is secure and issue free. MM is bullshit, their platform is compromised, hackers have complete access to the accounts on MM, and steal people’s crypto constantly, MM must condone it because they do nothing to stop it, they won’t even acknowledge the fact that it’s even an issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from MM was involved giving hackers access intentionally.