Constant problems with transactions!

I use MetaMask to pay for transactions in the game Planet IX. Recently, transactions are hanging, confirmation does not occur for several hours (((I cannot cancel the transaction, the cancellation does not work! Speed up if I try - the same thing, it hangs … Garbage collection from the tiles was not performed, the action was not completed, but transaction keeps hanging
I can only reset the score in the MetaMask settings, but then you remove the Matic for this action (((
what are you doing??? why are you taking Matic off my balance for actions that weren’t there???

and there are about 30 such broken transactions!
I ask you to figure out why this is happening and return the decommissioned Matik to the balance !!!

hi @user473 , welcome to MetaMask community.
Recently, Polygon network is very congested, and transactions on all dapps cost a lot more MATIC than before. Not sure if this is why your transaction is stuck.

In order to solve your problem, you can try to change the browser, edit gas fee when submitting the transaction, and choose the Aggressive one.

The fee for canceling transactions is not charged by MetaMask, read this article to learn more.


Hi @user473 ,

In addition to what Tuya has shared above > If Matic is removed, hanging transactions may have gone through. Or, are there transactions that you don’t recognize at all in your wallet?


what are you even talking about???
why did they throw an article about canceling a transaction during an exchange?
I wrote that the action in the game did not happen! garbage that needs to be collected and paid for it Matik - was not going to! he stayed where he was! and the fee for the transaction that is stuck, it has not been completed so far, is removed !!!

I am not going to pay for the cancellation of a transaction that was not completed !!!
and I already have about 30 such transactions ((((((

I use MetaMask only to pay for actions in the Planet IX game, so I know what kind of transactions I have in my wallet! I ask it seems clear - why are transactions that freeze and I can cancel them only if I reset my wallet account - do I have to pay ??? otherwise it is not canceled, even if I press cancel with a high price for gas (((

so I tried to cancel the transaction, the cost of which is 0.061 Matic

it is badly visible because of the inscription at the bottom of the screen, but you can understand that the transaction did not go through, and it is canceled!!!
and hangs waiting for acceleration or cancellation (((((
and you write to me that this does not happen (((

@user473 ,

Please reach out to MetaMask support at > Start a Conversation. Answer a few questions from the chatbot to be connected.

Remember, never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone, not even with support. Never input on a dapp/site requesting it, into a form, or on a pop-up window requesting it.

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Попробуй в саппорт написать. На форуме на такой вопрос сложно найти ответ…
Из личного, могу посоветовать сменить RPC через chainlist - там несколько нод полигона, удали свою и добавь по новой другую (та что добавляется автоматом в ММ часто глючит). Также если ты из РФ, возможно проблема решится если подключаться через впн или прокси.
Так сложно понять в чем проблема, тебе надо было бы скинуть скрин битой транзы с эксплорера - там пишет почему транза фейлится…
Но надеюсь те 2 варианта тебе помогут :wink:
И да, газ даже за битые транзы всё равно списывают(( ММ тут не виноват, так устроен блокчейн :cry:


привет ))
можете подсказать как в саппорт написать ?
я потому и начал на форуме спрашивать - не нашел где с поддержкой связаться к сожалению…

Чтобы получить поддержку, перейдите на сайт и нажмите кнопку «Начать преобразование». Ответьте на несколько вопросов от бота и получите доступ к онлайн-поддержке.

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