Controlling Deposits

Description: I would like to see MetaMask create a feature that would help control assets that get deposited into user accounts. If an unknown party transfers tokens or NFTs into a users account it would be placed in a “pending account” for the owner of the wallet to approve or disapprove before it could be fully transferred into their wallet/account.

This would help limit the number of scams and thefts of assets that users fall prey to. Scammers like to deposit assets (tokens or NFTs) into a users wallet and when they interact with it gain the ability to transfer assets out of that wallet. If users were able to decide if they want an asset deposited in their account they would then have the opportunity to screen an asset before it can gain entry into their account.



Hello @Ghyzmo, welcome to MetaMask community!

Good suggestion, but it can have the opposite effect as well. When users would go to check what got dropped into their wallets, they might get tricked or greedy about some of the assets and still fall victims to scams. Education is most important in this case.

Also, afaik, you cannot stop a transaction coming to you if it’s from a legit wallet or contract, and legit in the sense that it hasn’t done any illegal things yet or ever. It’s how blockchain works, transactions are irreversible and final, with no way to cancel or reject them on the receiving end.

All of the tokens airdropped to wallets are hidden anyway, unless you use the options of checking your wallet on blockchain explorers to see what you have on it or if you use the enhanced token detection that MetaMask provides, or if you simply add tokens yourself that might actually be scams.


The main reason I’m mention it is because I’ve been airdropped suspicious NFTs that I never requested. Many people believe you open yourself up to theft by even clicking on them. Many of the ones I was gifted disappeared after a day or two making them even more suspicious.

Regards, Gisclerc

Same thing happened to me as well, but what i don’t know a thing about and haven’t participated in receiving them, i hide or ignore. I do the same with tokens.