Delay Features for Sending Tokens/NFTs

Feature: Delaying the sending of TOKENS/NFTs can avoid the sweeper hacked to go through.

Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,
What you offered has been discussed in the following link: Cancellation of a transaction in MetaMask - #5 by Maryam1.
Although I agree that it can be advantageous, Please read @kbeethecapybara’s reasoning against the feature under the topic I shared.
One benefit can be for the cases when the user accidentally approves a transaction and wants to cancel it. Therefore, as I have explained earlier (under the shared link), an optional feature through which a user can turn the feature off/on depending on the situation can be helpful (for example, similar to the “Advanced gas controls” feature under the Advanced Settings on MetaMask).
Altogether, thanks for the suggestion. I think it is good to have the topic open to discuss the pros and cons of the feature.


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