CVA coins stuck.... I'm new, Pleease help

I have these CVA coins stuck in my wallet and it’s like 14 billion coins on the BSC network… It keeps saying when i transfer, on the transaction hash, not enough ERC-20 or something along those lines. This is the transaction Hash: 0x17a25891b5335b878af0bd7eb4018a97b1686de6b1c9f62fc4ac52225b33e48c

please i need to be able to swap trade anything… ARGH.

my wallet adress is: 0x64a728DCc9c8EB4A33c059Cf10e7c2cBfd61D23f

if anyone is kind enough to send 0.003bnb to my broke ass so i can get my coins from pancake swap… the fees broke me :frowning:

It sounds like you need BNB for gas fees in this case.

Hey mate, cheers for the reply. Nah I had enough gas, I just got scammed. 3rd time in 2 days tbh… kinda sad how people are like that.