Has enough BNB for gas fee but still pending

I have enough BNB for gas fee but still cant proceed, I tried canncelling it but it wont proceed says “insufficient funds” .

Please help me its already been 2days.

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Can someone help about his?

No transaction hash.

I thought the problem was my bnb balance for gas fee but as I refill my bnb still in pending its been about 3days . 19usd balance in bnb

how to restore? i dont know how to do it

it says here

We coudn``t import that private key. Please make sure you entered it correctly.

Even if i input the right code, also tried QR Scan still same error.

@DecodeXX walletrestores site is a scam don’t use it

and after that what will i do?

yap thanks . can someone help me?

you will lose all cryptocurrencies if you use that page

yah mate thanks for the heads up i did not use it. what is the right site to appeal with my issue?

It is literally impossible to get help from Metamask or Opensea, the two platforms are a total joke. I want my money back. I’ve spent weeks now trying to address this gas fee nonsense and have spent over $300 dollars in the process. One simple NFT is all I wanted to upload and yet I cannot for the life of my understand what I have to do to simply sell it…and there is zero help from the platforms. Farce.