Deposited BUSD to the token address "BUSD" which came up in Add token/Search - which is an incorrect address

I deposited BUSD to my BSC Wallet, but didn’t double check the token address in CoinGecko and just used the “BUSD” that came up in “Add Token/Search”. This seems to be the wrong address (well, it is since it doesn match the address in CoinGecko) and no BUSD has arrived in my wallet. The deposit address is an ERC20 token address,
So, first, is there anyway for me to recover the BUSD I deposited to the incorrect address?
And second, are erroneous addresses from Add Token/Search checked for accuracy or open for bad faith persons to populate?

Hi hedas what? :smiley: this is your Metamask address? :point_down:

Try click :point_right: Add Token - Custom Token - Token Contract Address is:

Hi Luigi,
Well, I made a stupid mistake . The deposit arrived in my wallet - just on the ETH chain and not the BSC… I had to switch network to find that out. Now I will just have to wait until ETH gas fees are low enough so I can do something with that BUSD, right about now it costs more to swap or transfer than the value of the token deposited since it’s on Ethernet.