Difference between "Adding BNB Token" under "Ethereum Mainnet" and having a "Binance Smart Chain Mainnet"

In a Metamask account, what’s the difference between “Adding BNB token” in “Ethereum Mainnet” and having a “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet”?

In this case, if I swap Ethereum for BNB, is the BNB going to appear in “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet” or under BNB token in “Ethereum Mainnet” created after “Add Token”?


Hi there,

Your actions stay isolated to whatever blockchain you are operating in, and has nothing to do with what specific token you are interacting with in a general sense. You can use a “Bridge” to send tokens cross-blockchain, but overall when you are swapping for example you are staying in one blockchain in that transaction, and whatever token you swapped to/from is owned in the same blockchain all along.