During interaction with our app, Metamask required password before executing each action, it's a bad user experience. We need to check, is it a known problem and how we can avoid it

During interaction with our app, Metamask required password before executing each action. How can you understand what the problem is?

Hello, in the process of using metamask, except that you no longer need any password after logging in, I don’t know what you mean? Can you describe it in detail?



What browser are you using?

In case these docs help, please see this link -

What is described here is really strange. MetaMask doesn’t require a password for each action.

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I know, I rarely see such behavior of metamasks. But yes, sometimes I need to enter a metamask password for each transaction, it seems that it is either very fast
logs out or the application stops interacting properly with the extension at some point. It requires a password, as if the wallet is not unlocked, while you can close this window and then go into the wallet, it is unlocked and the transaction is waiting for approval (all within the same session in the browser and extension). And once again, yes, this is a password request and not a one-time number transactions and yes it happens in the testnet of the application

Chrome 101.0.4951.64
Metamask 10.14.3

Yea, i searching in doc, but not found

As you have said, there are many unstable factors in the test network itself, which is only used for learning. In addition, after logging in to metamask, as long as you keep the browser login status, you no longer need to enter any password. Unless you load multiple browsers in the window, or close the browser and restart again.

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