eHex not showing in Metamask after bridging

Hi all, grateful for any help on this. I bridged pHex to eHex, but the eHex isn’t showing up on my MetaMask even though the transaction went through seemingly fine on etherscan. Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

My MetaMask is set to the ETH network, I claimed the transaction on Pulsebridge and I’ve tried to remove and add the Hex token on MM…all to no avail.


The token you bought is called: HEX from PulseChain :point_down:

Contact address:

I don’t like it very much :see_no_evil:

The official HEX ethereum contract address is this:


Ah, wow, thank you! That’s weird…What is “Hex from Pulsechain”? I can see it on my Metmask now I’ve imported the right token address. But it won’t let me change it to Hex or Eth - keeps giving me an error message.


You bought the wrong token :neutral_face: you probably won’t sell it because of low liquidity.


Right…damn! Thanks. You think I could bridge it back to pHex?

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It depends on whether the bridge supports the tokens you have purchased, you can experiment, I am not very optimistic about this.


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