Error: Object object

Steps I followed.

  1. Object object error pop up when I am trying to transfer BUSD token back to Binance hot wallet.
  2. I tried transferring BUSD using metamask and Binance extension wallet but same problem exists.
  3. tried to swap BUSD to USDT in and same problem exists.
  4. I tried transferring BNB back to Binance hot wallet and it works.
    I would conclude that this problem is about BUSD token.

In case support team read this topic, my MetaMask Ticket #338390

I am using following
Ledger nano X, firmware
eth app 1.8.6 (my ledger live shows latest version is 1.8.6 but I know there is 1.9.4. )
ledger live 2.33.0
Binance Extension wallet