Eternity Chain Scam via Telegram, Please be aware!

This is hugely embarrassing, I got carried away and thought what seemed to be very legit turned out bogus and I have just been scammed through the Ethernitychain. SCAM!!!. Please share & prevent others from suffering loss!!!

I was contacted by someone on Telegram saying they were from Ethenity chain admin. They totally reeled me in and stole my 1.8ETH out of my Metamask wallet. Hers the thing the very site that they are using to rob Metamask good people is still live would you believe!!! Still showing Metamask logo and still robbing people by tricking them into revealing there passphrase. Yes im new to this world and its easy for epople to say deserves you right but thats like blaming someone for not waking up when there house was robbed!!! I only wish there was something Metamask could do for me. Theres scammers are actually registered aas well!