ETH disapeared after transaction was canceled

I see a lot of helpful informations here and maybe you know solution to my situation. I sent ETH from Metamask’s Ethereum network to Optimistic network. The transaction was pending for a week and I canceled it. Cancel transaction was confirmed three ago but there is no ETH either on Ethereum network or on Optimistic. Etherscan shows Value 0…
What is the possibility to regain ETH?

@dudu , welcome to the metamask community,

You may need to post more details , to enable a community administrator work a solution for you . Something like a public address or tx hash .


I don’t know any thing about the Optimistic Network, but looking at its website, i looks like you maybe should use a bridge

They have a support center here help(.)optimism(.)io where you maybe can find some information about the transfer from Ethereum to Optimistic network

This is just a screen shot from a part of the page where you might be lucky to find more information

of course, tx hash:

I will check this site

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It seems that you sent from your own wallet to your own wallet again. Is that correct ?

To times you have sent something to your self, but 5 days ago you sent ETH out of your wallet. These ETH ends up on a wallet with over 1000 ETH. Do you remember withdrawing 0.11 ETH 5 days ago ?

etherscan probably shows the same address after canceling the transaction
maybe as returning from optimism to ether layer

I remember this transaction 5 days ago

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:joy: :rofl:Three years ago? You’ve waited so long, but there’s a professional manager here who will answer your questions

funny… it was three weeks…

Oh, I use Google translation, which has been displayed for 3 years. I’m sorry :sweat:

it’s all right, these translations…

Could it be your self that emptied your wallet ?

no. I waited for confirmation, transaction was pending and I canceled it and after cancel was confirmed, eth is not accesible

I just checked your account again and it seems that you or someone just sent some ETH to your wallet. If you are not sure where your other ETH went and who withdraw them, I would be very carefully about using that wallet again.

OK. Tkanks for checking. So the best idea is to set a new MM wallet?

If you don’t know why your ETH was withdraw and your are sure that you had nothing to do with it, then I would stay a way from that wallet and create a new wallet with a new seed phrase.

Do you know who this address 0xcaD621da75a66c7A8f4FF86D30A2bF981Bfc8FdD belongs to ? There is a lot of traffic on that wallet and you have withdraw some ETH from that account.

I do not know this address. I used bridges to send or receive eth to or from layer 2 like arbitrum, zksync, optimism.

I used original bridges and hop exchange to send tokens between layers

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