ETH funds were stolen from me in metamask

ETH funds were stolen from me in metamask. I am sure that the seed could not have reached the intruders. Please can someone help me get my funds back.

Etnerscan transaction:
Transaction Hash:


Value : 0.376430997171621 Ether ($1,222.63)

Interesting pattern, looks like the target address has been doing that to accounts with first transactions of 126 days ago… maybe the way or the place you created the Metamask account or the address itself was compromised and he has been waiting for no activity to move the funds.

try to install an antivirus and scan your device

I have not received any notifications and confirmations. Does the technical support of Metamask really not react to this?

Thanks. But I asked for help in returning the funds. The operating system on the PC has been reinstalled and secured.

I have been reading posts here on hacked accounts and they said Metamask will reply on your ticket but they cannot return the funds

I think this is not customer-oriented. More security needs to be added. there is 2-factor authentication for example.

2 factor has been suggested lots of times in the community. I guess security is not Metamask’s priority

2FA is a common request for MetaMask, but because MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, it does not actually improve its security.

You can read more about it here: Why doesn't 2FA help MetaMask

Sorry to hear this has happened @Oneseven88. For your privacy and security, please submit a ticket to our support team here:

Please continue communication with us there.