Eth recieve transaction but I won't show on my asset

I send eth from binance to metamask.on metamask it says successful but it didn’t show on my asset.someone replied on metamask and he says because of my pending transaction…the point is if it successful it would show on my asset but sadly it didn’t appear and it’s been a week to fix this issue.

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HI, please don’t contact that Whatsapp number it is a Scam.

Could you please share the transaction Hash so I can see where the tokens are and what the issue could be?

if you sent ETH, did you use ERC20 network for the withdrawal? a lot of people make the mistake of using BEP20 because it is cheaper, and they send the Ethereum through BSC network instead of Ethereum Network. Unfortunately Ethereum network is more expensive in transaction so withdrawing costs more.

If you did use the wrong network, no worries, you can add BSC network to Metamask to be able to see your Ethereum, but you will need to send back to Binance and then send again through the correct network to have your Ethereum in Ethereum Network.