ETH sent via Binance chain to Maiar app ETH address not received

Hey support.

I recently sent ETH from my MM wallet (on the Binance chain) to my ETH wallet on the Maiar mobile app.
The tx shows it was successful however it has yet to appear in my Maiar ETH wallet.
TX info:

Both addresses check out and they both belong to me.

Appreciate any help in clarifying location of transfer.

Hi @ageofatari do you mean this wallet? :point_down:

Does your wallet support the BSC network for ethereum?


Yeah, that’s the one. I rarely use it and tbh i didn’t mean to use this ETH address.

This wallet does not support ETH on binance smart chain.

:one: Copy the Maiar secret phrase :point_down: (your 24 words)

:two: Install MetaMask :fox_face: wallet in another browser.

:three: Import Maiar secret phrase (your 24 words) into MetaMask wallet.

:four: Add BNB Smart Chain network and ETH (BEP 20) token :point_down:


:five: Use some bridge and transfer ETH (BNB Smart Chain network) to Ethereum network.


Thank you @Luigi
So I see the account address is the one I sent the ETH to (which makes sense since it’s the Maiar app ETH address) but how do I bridge the ETH back when I can’t find it in the first place?

Really sorry if this is super simple but I haven’t used this process much (obviously).

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Hello @ageofatari, welcome to MetaMask community!

As Luigi said, Maiar app does not support ETH on BNB Smart Chain, only on Ethereum network. Luigi gave you step by step indications above on what to do to get your ETH back. Follow them. On step 5, you can also move your ETH to an exchange and back to Maiar or MetaMask on Ethereum network from the exchange, but only if you have BNB on that imported wallet to be able to transfer your ETH on BNB Smart Chain out.


@ageofatari Where is the problem? When you import the Maiar secret phrase (24 words)
into the MetaMask wallet :face_with_monocle: you must see the address 0xB05… :smiley: and then it’s easy.

PS: I sent you 0.0006 BNB to address 0xB05… :wink: send ETH (BNB Smart Chain)
back to your MetaMask address and then think about how to send it to the ethereum network.


Thanks @Luigi. I see the BNB you sent. Your explanation is very clear and I’m very grateful. I guess I’m hesitant to screw up again! Consider this case closed! Thanks to you and @Chinzilla for all your continued help.


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Be careful of networks @ageofatari :smiley:

I see :face_with_monocle: you changed it to BNB and sent it away :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: also a good solution.