How to recover ETH from wrong network

hello, I sent eth from binance to metamask and it did not appear so i tried to search fromthe website how and i saw how to make the smart chain network i tried to follow the instructions but nothing happened so i saw the binance bridge which i have read that it can transfer coins so i tried to send my eth to my meta but it ended up in the smart chain and i cannot transfer it to my eth mainnet. It always says insufficient gas fee even i put 1 or 5 and the max is 21000 and when i validate it, it is always fail. Can someone please help me to figure this out. i found an article that i should add token and write this (0x2170ed0880ac9a755fd29b2688956bd959f933f8) but it says it is already there so my main problem is how can i put the eth from my Binance smart chsin to my ETH mainnet. pls helpppp thankyou

Primero tienes que agregar la red de binance smart, que puedes encontrar muchos videos en yootube algo como esto te deberian indicar que ingreses (ojo solo es una ejemplo para que te des una idea no copies y pegues

Network name: Smart Chain

New RPC URL: bsc-dataseed.binance/

ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL: bscscan

Hola gracias pero ya hice eso y mi ETH se fue a la cadena inteligente porque intenté transferirlo a mi mainnet de ETH usando el puente de Binance. Ahora mi problema es que no puedo usar mi eth porque no está en mi red mainnet eth.

Hello thank you but i already did that and my ETH went to the Smart Chain because i tried to transfer it to my ETH mainnet using Binance bridge. Now my problem is i cannot use my eth because it is not in my eth mainnet network