Etherium to BNB

Can I move my tockens from my etherium account to my bnb account on metamask?

Hi @Geodorsey it’s not possible to move tokens from mainnet to a custom network cross-chain. You can only operate on-chain, for example you can send BNB from Binance smart chain to the same chain.

So say I have FRM on the etherium main network and I want to sell it without high gas fees. Can I sent the FRM to my binance smart chain wallet to sell it? Or do I have to sell it through my etherium wallet? I hope this makes sense

Can someone help me ? I exchange my ETH to BNB thru Binance/en/exchange then after that it doesn’t reflect on my metamask bnb, then i found out that it sent in other address, :frowning: please help me to recover it i just borrow that money on my neighbor please :frowning:
from: [

to: [0x4b15a253f73313910268ba5fddacfda22b10162c]