Fee first widrawal


Im new here on the MetaMask app.

I have a question about paying fees before being able to widrawal.

When i wanted to widrawal my money i saw that my ETH got frozen. When i asked MetaMask via the support button what what going on they said the following

"Dear user, your cash withdrawal application has been approved and handed over to our financial department to wait for the payment. According to the feedback from the financial department, because the accumulated recharge amount of your account has not yet reached our company’s member users, overseas large-amount cash withdrawals are exempted from channel protection fees. Standard, you need to pay 7% of the account’s personal asset balance, the overseas large-amount withdrawal channel security fee (5960USDT), and the withdrawal service can be successfully processed after the payment is successful.

Is this normal? Or is this some kind of scam?

Thank you,

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Hi @Rachid it’s nonsense :roll_eyes: someone wants to deceive you.

Where did you download the MetaMask application?
ETH got frozen hmm :thinking: take a screenshot and add it here.


Hello @Rachid , welcome to MetaMask community

This is probably some kind of scam . And it’s nonsense . No MetaMask support will contact you to make payments for any service whatsoever or request for your wallet seedwords .

Stay safe out there .


The official support button is only through support.metamask.io, please do not interact further with this scam


I downloaded it from the appstore

Oh man :see_no_evil: where did you find this site?
It’s a total SCAM

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This is a clear scam.

  1. This is not MetaMask (it says metapro which is a scam pretending to be mm)
  2. The MetaMask team will never contact you or ask you for funds.
  3. Ethereum is a decentralized network meaning nobody can freeze your funds. That means MetaMask can not freeze your funds either. You and you alone are in control of your funds on MetaMask. All of your funds are connected to your seed phrase which should NEVER be shared with anyone else or you will lose your funds.

Going forward I suggest you do some research to learn about security and crypto in general. Wish you good luck.



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