Funds frozen, transaction pending, no activity tab to find transaction id

My transaction has been pending for near two weeks, my MetaMask isnt showing me the activity tab to find transaction id, wont let me overwrite the transaction, my MetaMask page seems to have limited options to troubleshoot my problem from what ive read that helped ither people with same problem


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Please try to speed up or cancel transaction if the transaction is pending on-chain by reading this article
You can use method 2 custom nonce cancellation if you cannot speed up/cancel from activity section. Please read the above article carefully and follow the instructions

If it is only showing pending on MetaMask wallet, but not on-chain, try to reset the network following this article


Thank you for responding, much appreciated!! I have tried multiple occasions to reset account and nothing happens, these are my MetaMask pages to show you thst ive limited option on how yo troubleshoot my problems

And even my advanced settings i have limited options


Hi @Chr1586, welcome to MetaMask community!

The issue lies with the website from which you sent the ETH. It shows as frozen. If they are asking you for more money to be able send what you’re trying to withdraw, then it’s a scam 100%.

You can search your wallet on the block explorer for the network through which you sent the ETH, the network you selected when you withdrew, to see if anything reached your wallet. But unfortunately, i believe the website you are interacting with is a scam. On a first search on Google, shows as scam on multiple websites specialized in such reviews.

Always make sure you research what you plan to interact with, as there are a lot of scams out there. NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys with anyone, ever.


They have unfrozen my funds a few times when i made mistakes bit all of sudden the MetaMask chat who was helping me stopped responding, if they have unfroozen my funds before do you think this is still a scam?

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I do believe i have been scammed, my money is frozen in the wallet, noone has got it, is that the money just stuck there then? Ive lost money and noones been able to access it?

Have you tried contacting the team you sent your ETH to?

No, how do i do that?

The MetaMask chat have finally got back to me after two weeks, they said i have to complete transaction volume required then ive to make withdrawal request, how do i do this? Thanks for helping me by thevway!!

Please ask them what is the transaction volume required?

If they are asking more amount to deposit into their account to meet transaction volume requirement for withdraw, it is likely to be scam.


Just want to make sure, did you contact the team through

If so, I would continue to communicate with them further there, and ask any questions you have with them.


The MetaMask chat have finally got back to me after two weeks, they said i have to complete transaction volume required then ive to make withdrawal request

Are you chatting with someone from metaproxas website?
MetaMask official support team will not let you deposit before you can withdraw.
btw, I can’t open the metaproxas URL, and I can’t find any information about it.

how do i do this?

Their claims are very fishy, this is a common scam tactic.
You should not deposit any more funds to avoid further losses. Contact the MetaMask official support team mentioned above by nakedwinnie.


No way im putting more funds in, i judt want recover what ive put in so far, thank you guys for helping!! Very much appreciated!! I will see whst their response is in regards to trasaction volume and let yous know!!

There is no transaction volume required for you to be able to withdraw from anywhere. The only rules are laws they might abide by, and those ususally pertain to KYC regulations, not doing transaction volumes for them with more of your money that will be trapped in there anyway. It’s a scam 100%.

Only scammers ask for such things. Please get in contact with the real MetaMask support as nakedwinnie suggested above, from .


Thankyou!! I will try these and let know!! Thanks again!!


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