Fiat values for BNB on BSC network

The Problem
There is a bug where fiat values just don’t work on certain instances of MetaMask when I’m 100% sure they are supported and normally show. I’m not talking about minor alt tokens here - I’m talking about the main token for the network - ie. BNB

Some examples of what I mean:

  • My friend and I both use MM on Chrome. I can see fiat values for BNB but my friend cannot.

  • BNB fiat value is showing on Chrome but I just installed MM on Firefox and it only shows fiat values for ETH.

I know the support is there because it works for me but not my friend for some reason, or on one browser but not another.

By far, the strangest feature of this bug
In Firefox at least, swapping to the ETH network momentarily fixes the problem and displays correct fiat values for a split second before the network changes over. I haven’t asked my friend yet if this momentarily fixes the problem for him on his Chrome extension.

A fix for this would be very welcome as working with BNB values for gas etc. is quite annoying and unintuitive.


I have the same problem. Is there any workaround for this that users can do themselves? Thanks!