Google sync can cause mayhem

Just a headsup to everyone using chrome extension, not on mobile. If you have sync on for your devices and subaccounts on MetaMask, removing the extension from 1 chrome device will make you have to reinstall MetaMask on your other devices and LOOSE access to your subaccounts.

I created subaccounts on MetaMask laptop this week to manage pools, lends… Luckily, last night, I opened MetaMask on mobile and easily imported the subaccounts. This morning, I removed MetaMask on an older device and google sync removed it from my laptop where I had created the subaccounts, so I had to reinstall it and subaccounts were impossible to access.

For the more knowledgeable, would I’ve been able to recover my subaccounts without a mobile app ?

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hi @Slash !

When you say sub-accounts. Do you mean account 2, 3, 4, etc. (accounts created after your main account)?

If so, yes you can always get them back. When you restore your wallet, you would choose ‘create account’ in your extension and it will restore the same accounts in order. You may need to add back networks and/or tokens.

Here are some MetaMask Knowledge Base articles on this:


Hello @KBeeTheCapybara ,

The accounts created after the main account are very easy to restore on mobile app.

The problem is that they do not restore on chrome browser, at least from what I’ve seen. If I had used MetaMask extension on my phone chrome browser instead of the app, google sync would have removed the extension from chrome browser and my sub accounts would have been lost, just has it was the case on all my other devices.

Unless I missed something, seed phrase will restore account and sub account only on app.

Probably if you install app and recover with seed phrase, sub accounts can be restored also.

My point is that simply removing MetaMask extension on an outdated chromebook that had google sync on, caused MetaMask to be removed from all synched devices and sub accounts could not be restored with seed phrase AND no trace of them.

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Hi Slash!,

No, it should restore both on extension or mobile app the same way. This is assuming we are talking about your accounts created after account #1. They will restore in the same order using both platforms.

This article I shared has a section broken out for both extension and mobile, that includes visuals too.


Hey @KBeeTheCapybara

There must be something wrong with my browser extension. I wanted to reproduce the problem and when creating a new sub account, I now have twin subaccounts of the same address in my wallet both with the green check at the same time.

I have tried clearing all browser data, incognito mode problem still there.

Nothing wrong on mobile app.
Any idea as to what is going on, this is a brand new laptop on windows 11 with chrome.

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I unistalled MetaMask, cleared browser, restarted laptop, reinstalled using the method described by @KBeeTheCapybara and everything ok now!


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