Had to reinstall windows, lost seed phrase

I know this happens a lot, but the classic case of losing seed phrase has happened to me when I reinstalled windows. I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and forgot to write down my seed phrase which is obviously my own fault.

Good news is I still have access to all old Windows files. I tried to follow Randy’s guide on using the vault decryptor, but I’m having a bit of trouble with that as I do not appear to have the same 000003 file that he demonstrates. Instead I have numerous other files, one of them being a file named 0000005. I used Atom’s search feature to find the word “vault” (I also have other files named 0000009 etc but none of them return a search for “vault”). The data I found following the word “vault” is similar to what Randy’s guide shows, but not exactly the same, and therefore I do not know what information I’m supposed to be putting into the decryptor. I’m wondering if this is because I was using Chrome on Windows 7 before (now using 10) and Randy has specified that the steps for different OS may “slightly differ” Or maybe I just don’t have the correct files to get back into my Metamask account, which would be a shame. I’m also wondering If I can use the chrome data I possess to basically emulate the same Chrome I had on my previous Windows, where Metamask only required my passcode and not the seed phrase.

Sorry for the wall of text and I hope this all makes sense. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Hello there, sorry for the situation you are going through.

As this is something more private than other answers in this forum, please create a support ticket https://support.metamask.io and post the case number here so I can help you there.

Buenas Randy


Thanks a lot

Hi , can you help me to restore my existing account? I have the seed phrase but i lost the private key which is required to connect to my account. I got already a support ticket number.