I am an idiot and lost my seed phrase. Please help

I tried vault decryptor but doesn’t bring up the right account. only the latest I signed into that isn’t linked to my main that’s lost. Please anyone I lost a lot of my assets. Totally my fault but can anyone help me to use decryptor to find older information. Or is there any other way to recover my account? :frowning:

You have reinstalled it?

Hi yes I had to reinstall wallet to my phone and pc. I made a copy of harddrive. Seed phrase and account is still lost. I have given up, appears nothing can be done to retrieve the wallet.

Reinstall it download it again then login with you secret phrase key you will see new account name with account 1 then go to import account if you have address of your old account import that account then add your network if it is bsc mainnet then add your tokens which you have in your old account then simply create 3 or 4 accounts until you see your old account

If you still face any problem hit me private i will help you

I don’t have secret phrase key

Which browser you are using?