Have public key and seed phrase, but no private key

Linked hardware wallet to metamask and created a hot wallet under the same private keys. Now i am trying to access the hot wallet via metamask on another computer, but when i added in the private keys to my metamask, i only see the hardware wallet and not the hot wallet

any idea why?


This article may help:

How to view/see your tokens (custom tokens) in MetaMask


I am a new user so I can’t share a link but the article is in the FAQ section of this site.

Hi @yxyxyxyx
Private key and Seed / Secret recovery phrase are a little different.
Sharing some resources below.


If you are looking to use your MetaMask on to a new computer, please use the 12 word secret recover phrase. You will also have to connect your Hardware wallet to it again, as it will not carry over the connection from previously time.