Hellp a NEWBIE please :( LOST ETH

Hi guys, I’m a total newbie to blockchain and haven’t done my research well.
Recently i’ve sold NFT item on opensea for 0.34 ETH
Then I was able to bridge it to my metamask wallet.
Here’s when things got messy.
I attempted to transfer the 0.34 ETH to my Binance address. Then for some reason the gas fee appeared too high and i clicked something and it switched from my Ethereum Mainnet to Matic Mainnet (that I created a while ago).
-There was a transaction of -0.33 WETH to my Binance account but when i clicked to find it on etherscan the link just keep saying it’s dead. I guess I tried to send the WETH from my Matic Mainnet to Binance address and that’s where it got lost?
I’m devastated and would at least hope for a confirmation that it’s lost so i know.
Also when searching for the problem i did reset my metamask wallet so there’s no transaction record whatsoever now.

I’d appreciate any comments. Cheers!

And I did check with Binance they tried but couldn’t help me.