Help - All accounts not showing

Hey, how’s the update on your case? Did you manage to recover the private key?

I’m having the same problem here. I have 3 accounts and the one with ETH is the 3rd account, the other 2 are blanks. One day my laptop got upgraded, so I had to install the apps again, including Metamask. When I enter the 12 word phrase, my 3rd account with the money was not showing. I continued to add up to 10 accounts, but I still couldn’t find it. Etherscan still shows my account so it’s still there. They told me this and that and none of them worked. I used the vault decryptor and the generator but it didn’t work out.

So frustrated because I only need my private key, I have the rest! Please can anyone help me?

Hi @Kenn_The_Kreator ,

Did you have a wallet imported into your MetaMask, or were you using a hardware wallet too?

See this article, there is a tool on Github in this too :

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