Goodnight! Please, I made a transaction on PositionExchange taking two farms (POSI / BNB and POSI / BUSD) and sending them to a Metamask. However, after the transactions it turned into Cake-LP and the wallet didn’t show all the money. I already asked for help on the metamask forum and I couldn’t get back. I’ve already sent a message to support and I haven’t been answered. Please, I need my money. Thanks for the help!

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What have you tried so far? Did you add the token on MetaMask as custom tokens?

Good afternoon Karen! I was on two farms on PositionExchange. I harvested and sent everything (harvest and tokens) to Metamask in BUSD. But it didn’t all get there. Fact is, only a few Cake-LP tokens got there. I didn’t choose and didn’t send this token. In summary, everything is gone. I think the problem was Eth’s Beth network. I’m new to this and I don’t know technical stuff. My money is gone. Approximately $150.00. Please help me recover the money and understand what happened. At the end I send the BscScan link with the transactions carried out. Thank you and looking forward to it!

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Hi! Notícias da ajuda?

Buenas noches tenia en mi cuenta lo cosechado en mi granja y desaparecio el total del saldo dejando mi cuenta vacia… al revisar el historial me aparecen transsacciones que yo no he realizado

Goodnight! Much like what is happening to me. We need help from Metamask to resolve this. We can’t keep the money lost on the blockchain.

Bom dia! Karen, pode ajudar por favor? Obrigado!

Olá! Alguém pode ajudar?

Olá Karen. Por favor, me ajude. Acho que posso ter mandado o token para a Metamask sem ter retirado a liquidez do par de POSI/BNB. Preciso desse dinheiro. Obrigado!

Hi Karen. Please help me. I think I may have sent the token to Metamask without having taken liquidity out of the POSI/BNB pair. I need this money. Thanks!