Help me sort out this mess?

hi there
just looking for suggestions as every way i go with this it looks like a problem. i mistakenly transferred ghst ( aavegotchi token) to my metamask on the ethereum mainnet when i should have gone to polygon first . it was about $280 dollars worth. now the transaction is stuck with 3 notification. it seems theres nothing i can do but reject the transactions which will add fees - there was not enough eth in metamask to finish it - and then it would take about half the money!
a. is there a way to reverse the transaction and send ghst back to aavegotchi without incurring large fees - this would be idea
b. what is the minimum gas price i can adjust to that will finish the transaction even if very slow.
c. if i try moving eth from binance to metamask to have enough eth to complete the transaction will this go thru as i have been told this transaction blocks others - so in other words i need more eth in metamask to get it done but by the same token cant get any in there while the transaction is ‘hovering’.
d. at the moment my ghst has disappeared as i have zero on aavegotchi and metamask
e. is it conceivable to leave the transaction unitil optimism comes out for ethereum - would be months though
f any other suggestion welcome

kind regards