Help swap from MTO to USTD .....3 years

hello I have a problem with my swap from MTO to USTD: [Removed for Security reasons]

I have the impression that it will take 3 years there! I do not understand why or how to speed up the transaction. Do you have a solution?

The transaction you mentioned was to approve the token to be interacting with the swap contract. A typical swap will take two transactions, one to approve the token ( you can read more on token allowance) and one for the actual swap.
You can view this transaction on a block explorer such as as well, the transaction action will say “Approved”

Thank you I saw the transaction but it is progressing much too slowly in 3 days I am only at that at the level of the blocks:

 Total block  :   12793024   

And only 19873 Block Confirmations


3 days 2 hrs ago (Jul-09-2021 11:59:21 AM +UTC)

You can always increase the gas value to speed up the transactions.

Please can you explain how to do this? Because I can find tutorials on the internet but that’s when the swap is still pending validation.

Yes I send email yesterday