Transaction taking too long, can't cancel

the experiance with crypto is worse than anything I could have imagined. I thought that the whole system was more agile than the legacy bank system. It is not.

Yesterday I wanted to convert USDC to eth… i was asked to fund my account with around $60 dollars for the ‘gas’ fee on a transaction of 620$. This is already outrageous. Anyway I went ahead and launched the conversion.

It’s been 12 hours and the conversion is in “submitted” status. So I guess that 10% in fees is not enough so I wanted to cancel the transactions as suggested in Metamask docs.
I have $75 eth remaining in my account, yet when I try to cancel it reads “insufficient funds”.

So what, cancelling will cost $100+ of dollars? What kind of extortion is that?

In my Transaction history i see 2 submitted transactions:

  • USDC approve: with a fee of 0.000273 eth
  • Swap USDC to ETH: 0.01661 eth fee

With this kind of fees around $60, much larger than anything I would pay in the legacy bank system, how much time should I expect for the transaction to be completed? Days? Weeks? Months?

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Thanks for your help:



It reads dropped and replaced.
Also in my wallet list of Txn hash I see a big red “dropped” transaction.
Only thing I did was “speed up” the transaction by paying the little fee it proposed to do so.

Any news on the issue?
Had I been warned that paying $60 or 10% of my transaction, only to have my sum held for days if not weeks, and why not month, and that canceling the transaction would require even more $$ than what I have left on my account… I would have NEVER procedeed to this transaction.

Hi I have same issue but the worst thing is I even couldn’t cancel it! I can’t transact in the past 48 hours because of a pending transactions which I never did it!


I did so. But a random google form, I have no way to know it was sent to metamask people.

I did send the google form but no one ever get back to me

OK no support, funds blocked, no way to cancel, constantly asked to pay more fees… this in unacceptable.
I will take action if this continues: watch my review on the app store.


Issue was resolved. Not sure if support did anything or if it was spontaneously processed…

By now, everyone knows Metamask is a big scam. We all have our crypto stuck in Metamask. It is smooth as butter to get your ETH into Metamask, but just try and take it out and you will NEVER succeed. Hopefully we can start some kind of class action law suit and get the SEC involved. No other exchange commits this kind of fraud. Coinbase, Binance, Trustswap, etc work flawlessly.
When you try and swap, it will never complete and they will charge you commision.

I had the same problem, in my case Ive withdraw slp from my ronin wallet to metamask and its taking forever…I dont know what to do now.