Hide an asset not available

I accidently created an ETH asset in a custom BSC Mainnet, so now I’ve got two “ETH” assets, the first one showing empty, the other real one showing my amount available. The reason it’s a problem, is now I can’t swap anything, as I get Insufficient funds “Insufficient balance” for every transaction. I can’t even transfer the asset out to a different wallet.

I am using the web version of Metamask, so there is no “delete” button to remove the custom asset. The “Hide Asset” option is only available for the real one, not the custom created one.

Hey @Eibi, this is because BNB is used for the gas fees on BSC, rather than ETH.

For tokens you added as a custom token, you should be able to hide the asset through the dropdown menu :point_down:

The asset I’m talking about is greyed out, so I can not get to the 3 points to delete it,

Below you can see the image….

The one I’m talking about is the one at the top


It looks like you are on Ethereum mainnet, where ETH is the native token and cannot be removed, or there are some mistakes in your custom network settings for BSC.

Try adding BSC as a custom network again, here is more information on how to do so :point_down:

I do not have a Binance asset, how can that be the cause of the problem?

Is the asset you are trying to hide on BSC or Ethereum?

If it’s Ethereum then you cannot remove the 0 ETH you are referring to, because ETH is the native token on Ethereum.

I have 2 ETH assets, one is greyed an cannot hide it……

They asset you are trying to hide is ETH, the native token for Ethereum. The native token cannot be hidden. Here is more information:

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