How can I block scammer one they have my seed phrase

I was stupid and gave a scammer my seed phrase. (yep i know I’m very dumb). My issue is…i have lots of reward token burried in a swap which become available to me at the end of the year. I cant create a new seed phrase and the swap cant allocate these tokens to my new wallet. How can i stop the scammer getting these tokens…? he has set up sweepers to access these as soon as available… Is there a way i can ad a second level of security to my wallet, so when the scammer uses my seedphrase he can no longer get in?..or is is there a way i can have total control over the transactions of the wallet so when he goes to sweep i can block it…??
Thanks fam. yes Im a noob and yes i know i shouldnt have given my seed phrase…he tricked me and i had a moment of weakness.

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I was tricked the same way.
Also need a way to get the thief blocked, maybe start with blocking outgoing transactions to particular addresses? Is that possible somehow?

I want to block transactions to particular address. Is that possible? And how?

Very challenging, I guess if there is no Eth in the account some will need to be added in order to make a move. Both you and the hacker have access to the address that controls those locked funds and in order to execute a transaction someone has to add Eth for Gas…

I think that the solution would be to create some script that adds Eth and signs the transaction instantly, adding some high nonce or something that may block the hacker from changing the transaction… the only way out is interacting with the smart contract directly in a way that gives you advantage over the hacker… really interesting from the outside but a pain when you are the victim.