How can i get Metavpad coins from ETH Network to BSC?

Hi everyone,

I bought some metavpad coins on uniswap. they are now in my MetaMask on the Ethereum Chain. Could anyone please tell me how to get them to the BSC chain?

Thanks in Advance!

Transactions across chains can be tricky. There are quite a few details that need to be precisely correct. Here are some tips for doing cross-chain transactions successfully:

Thank you for the support. What bridge would you suggest?

I tried to swap it the coins back to USDT on uniswap so that I could just send the USDT to my BSC account. Do you have any other ideas how to get them there?

For anything related to Binance, I always refer to their documentation first. As they are the “mothership” on the BNB chain, their info should be the most up to date, and accurate.

As an example, most of our documents still call it the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which needs to be updated to BNB chain (they changed the name recently)

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