METAV ended in my BSC account

Any pro who can help me??
I’ve got METAVPAD tokens stuck in my BSC account.
This is an ETH token and should be in my Mainnetwork account.
I can’t swap/send this coin out of my BSC account…
When i try to swap, it keep giving me this message:

No quotes available
Try adjusting the amount or slippage settings and try again.

It’s worth app. $170. How can i move these assets to my Main network ETH account where it should be?

Hey @Ruud, this is because there is little to no liquidity for this token. You can try another swap platform to see if there is liquidity for it on there.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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Thanks for your answer. I’ve tried pancake but this message is showing up:
The transaction cannot succeed due to error: execution reverted: PancakeRouter: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT

Via Uniswap is not possible as that can’t be used on the BSC network.

Any other ideas?

That error from PancakeSwap is also likely because there is little to no liquidity for the token. Unfortunately, it does not look like there are options to swap for the token.

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