How can I transfer GAIA from BSC to Polygon Network

hi support team,
I got my fingers on some GAIA before the launch today. It is now stored in my Metamask Wallet. I would like to change the network it is in. I purchased it with BNB so it is laying in the binance smart chain at the moment. Is there a way to transfer it to the polygon network? I was searching a lot already, I did not find a bridge that I could use. Is there any way? I already lost a few GAIA in a transaction that I tried and believe it got lost because it was on the wrong network.
thanks in advance!

Hey @rustyjames, there are a few BSC to Polygon bridges you can use, here are some examples (use at your own precaution):

You will first need to swap your GAIA to a token that is compatible with the bridge.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestions, I will look into that. So far I could not even swap the GAIA into another token. Maybe it is just to new for it?

Here’s some more info on our Knowledge Base about why you may not be able to swap:

Keep in mind that there needs to be sufficient liquidity to be able to swap for GAIA.

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