Transfer Matic from Binance network to Polygon network , same wallet

Hello, i have matic in my wallet, binance network, how can i move them to polygon network , same wallet ?

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You can use a cross-chain bridge. If the cross-chain bridge does not support the MATIC of Binance Chain, it can be exchanged for other tokens for cross-chain


Hi @KaelAdam.

You can either bridge them to Polygon network, as 998755 mentioned above.

Or you can simply move them to a centralized exchange, like Binance, if it permits to move the Matic token through bep-20, BNB chain network and from there back to MetaMask using Polygon network.

Hope this helps.


Hi there :slight_smile:
To transfer your tokens to another network you would need to use a ‘Bridge’. There are many bridges on the market, and before you choose one and use it, it is advised to read the documentation and see how it works. Please learn more about bridges here: Field Guide to Bridges

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