How do I cash out UNI tokens i purchased with ETH?

I swapped a ETH coin for 135 UNI tokens. I tried to send 10 UNI tokens to my Coinbase UNI wallet, but they never showed up. I still have 125 UNI tokens I want to cash out. Can someone please help me.
Note: The UNI tokens show up in MetaMask but with no cash value. If that matters.

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Firstly view your wallet Metamask on the chain explorer on which you did the lost transaction so to find hash txnid and so discover which kind of Peggy wrapped token you have created… maybe you were lucky and can still tecover them.
UNI are etherum token so they natively needs to be withdraw in ERC20, otherwise you will create a Peggy wrapped coin.
Secondly to sell your UNI search them in coinmarketcap website… Scroll down to MARKET that will show up the complete pool list of uni and the respective exchange where you can swap them. Ciao

PS the cash or fiat value is now available for many nets including BSC. Search for app updates… Once updated value Will show up. Ciao