How does bnb go to another address?

Hello there
I wanted to add bnb to my metamask wallet.
I copied my metamask wallet address.
I pasted it in the Binance withdrawal section.
I chose the Bep20 network.
TXID : 0x02745260cf560b874bfeef281cc0ca99b49b57bc6c087c886db5d7994831a9bc

when i check

But what is this address? I do not know. This is not my metamask address.
How can I detect this?

Can you help with this ?

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I don’t know if I copied this 0x5000… address. This is not mine.

Can one of the admins help?
Or anyone who can provide information.

Hey @poazi_48, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Sorry to hear this has happened, but it seems like the wrong address was inputted. Always double check the wallet address you are sending to is correct and sending a small test transaction is also suggested.


But what address is this?
I can’t find and copy.
So I’m new.
The instruction is clear.
Copy the metamask address.
Select the bnb on the exchange you want to withdraw.
Choose the right network.
I never copied this 0x5000 address.
I’m sure of that.

How can I check this 0x5000 address.
Definitely not a wallet address.
I can see the bnb I threw was standing right there. You see too.
Can you help please?
Is this address a contract or kontrat address?

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It looks like it’s a wallet address, and not a contract address. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done. All transaction on the blockchain are irreversible.

@Metamask, please investigate this issue. I have a similar issue and I am 100% sure that in a background proces, my BUSD are moved to an unknown wallet each time I swap my x coin to BUSD.
I can see the correct amount of BUSD after the swap but after some minutes, the BUSD wallet is empty and on BscScan i see a BEP-20 transaction which does not belong to me.

I need your experience to prove this. This is definetely a security issue.

I can give you more information about this.

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How can someone help you if a hacker already has funneled you fund?

Please help if you have any information.

:smiley: He can help me here if he really wants to help.

Hey @Ozman, it may be that your wallet has been compromised. Please submit a ticket to our support team here:

For your privacy and security, please continue all communication with us from there. The support team will be with you as soon as they can.

Here is also some information on our Knowledge Base that may help you:

I Already created a support ticket (3 days ago), but still no response.

“You gave a web3 site / smart contract unlimited access to your funds (check who you gave access to and revoke here:TAC)”

This could be the problem, but when I try the Token Allowance Checker, I get an error message.


My Fault, I should use the Token Allowance Checker for BscScan.

I did found the suspicious allowence. It is from this scammer:


@nakedwinnie How can we put this account on blacklist or something?

All the problems began when I saw suspicious tokens on my account and went to their website:
Def8 io
Dex88 io

Then i probably got hacked.

Hey @Ozman, sorry to hear about the wait, the support team will be with you as soon as they can!

Because this issue has to do with a hacked wallet it is best to continue all communication with the support team for your privacy and security.