How to disconected leger from metask

Hi I have some dificulties with my leger. It is possible to disconect legear from metask?

Hi @Sylva,

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Please make sure Ledger Live is closed when using your ledger with MetaMask. Also, ensure it is unlocked and in the Ethereum application.

Also, make sure you have:

the most up-to-date firmware on your ledger or Trezor device

re-installed/updated the Ethereum app on the ledger via (ledger live > manager)
up-to-date browser
enable “contract data” on the Ethereum app on the ledger device itself

You can find more instructions on how to connect and use your Ledger or Trezor device with MetaMask here:

If you are seeing multiple pending or failed transactions in your MetaMask activity feed that do not match up to your public address on, you may need to reset MetaMask:

Not seeing your MetaMask address/account listed when you connect your Trezor wallet?
The list of addresses/accounts displays, these are addresses/accounts associated with only your Trezor, not your MetaMask wallet. To use the benefits and features of a hardware wallet, you will need to use one of your Trezor addresses/accounts, not your MetaMask address/account.

Please try the above and let us know if there are any questions.

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