Metamask not connecting with Trezor and LEdger

Both Ledger and trezor not connecting with Metamask when asked. Both failed on Brave and Chrome. After asking Metamask to connect the specific hardware wallet, The connect tab pops up but seems faded out. Any ideas?

First make sure all of your Secret Recovery Phrases are securely backed up. (you shouldn’t need them. Its just a really good idea to make sure theyre backed up)

Make sure you have the newest version of chrome/brave and the metamask extension.

With your hardware wallet connected and unlocked, start the Ethereum application. (Ledger will say “application is ready”. Cant recall the exact wording on Trezor, but it’s similar)

It should now be ready to “connect to hardware wallet.”

If its unable to find the ledger in HID mode. You can install the Ledger Live software, change to LedgerLive mode (near the bottom of the advanced menu, in settings) and that will use
the legacy mode to use the Ledger live software to bridge the connection.

There is no advanced menu in settings. Here is a screenshot of all that pops up in settings. I just installed the latest update of Ledger Live.

This site has been blocked from using motion sensors. I saw a small icon I saw “site blocked from accessing motion sensors”. I tried allowing it but still not connecting. see below

advanced settings in Metamask. Sorry that wasnt clear.
The “sensor” warning youre seeing is metamask attempting to connect to the Ledger Device.

From the chrome settings menu > search “sensor”
Should get an entry for “site settings” a little way down the list
Once you click on that scroll down a bit and you should see an entry for “motion Sensors”
make sure thats enabled, and doesnt have Metamask in the “not allowed” section down below
There’s also an entry for HID device. Enable it as well.

Also be sure to select “allow” in the “session blocked” popup (has continue blocking selected in the screenshot)

In case it matters here is a copy of pop ups redirects Don’t allow sites
to send pop-ups or use redirects
seems to be turned on but I could not
copy the dot over to show you that.
Pop-ups and redirects
Sites might send pop-ups to show ads, or use redirects to lead you to
websites you may not want to visit
Default behavior
Sites automatically follow this setting when you visit them
Sites can send pop-ups and use redirects
Don’t allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects
Customized behaviors
Sites listed below follow a custom setting instead of the default
Not allowed to send pop-ups or use redirectsAdd
No sites added
Allowed to send pop-ups and use redirectsAdd
No sites added

That should be disabled. (eg: allow popups and redirects)
Thats how the metamask<>ledger/trezor bridge is connected in the software.

where is the entry for HID device?

Should be hiding under additional permissions

DOes not work with enabled pop ups

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Should I have Ledger Live running when trying to connect?

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Try closing and restarting the browser. Getting that popup
Screenshot (14)
to come back once the device is plugged in, unlocked and the Eth app started, so it can be approved is what we need.

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In settings advanced I tried changing*prefered connection type to *ledger Live * from the default setting. There seemed to be more progress than before but got an error at the end. Do you want me to change that back to anything in particular before doing what you suggest?


Ledger device: UNKNOWN_ERROR (0x6b0c)

State LogsState logs contain your public account addresses and sent transactions.

Sync with mobile

Reset AccountResetting your account will clear your transaction history. This will not change the balances in your accounts or require you to re-enter your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Advanced gas controls
Select this to show gas price and limit controls directly on the send and confirm screens.


Show Hex Data
Select this to show the hex data field on the send screen


Show Conversion on test networks
Select this to show fiat conversion on test networks


Show test networks
Select this to show test networks in network list


Customize transaction nonce
Turn this on to change the nonce (transaction number) on confirmation screens. This is an advanced feature, use cautiously.


Auto-Lock Timer (minutes)
Set the idle time in minutes before MetaMask will become locked.

Sync data with 3Box (experimental)
Turn on to have your settings backed up with 3Box. This feature is currently experimental; use at your own risk.


IPFS Gateway
Enter the URL of the IPFS CID gateway to use for ENS content resolution.

Preferred Ledger Connection Type
Customize how you connect your Ledger to MetaMask. WebHID is recommended, but other options are available. Read more here: learn more

Dismiss Secret Recovery Phrase backup reminder
Turn this on to dismiss the Secret Recovery Phrase backup reminder message. We highly recommend that you back up your Secret Recovery Phrase to avoid loss of funds


Does the ledger have the most recent firmware?

By the way Metamask Support Wallet Official is a scam Facebook site where I was tricked out of entering my seed phrase into an ap after the admin pretended to be a Metamask employee . I lost my assets and called police. Can you ask management to contact Facebook and let them know?

We have a team for exactly that purpose.
I’ll bring it to their attention.

Thanks for letting us know. We try to drop the hammer on all of them, but some escape our view.

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I saw this after I made the change i stated earlier

ALso I should have ledger live ap closed right?

You’ll want it open until you finish the transaction.

That’s why we use the HID method as the default/preferred. Doesn’t require the ledger software, so one less moving part to potentially cause an issue.

Also, make sure to keep an eye on your ledger when doing transactions, the final step is confirming everything in the device itself.

My first transaction with one sat for a while because I didn’t realize that.

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Metamask instructions state I should have Ledger Live off? 10.9.2 is version and states * developer mode* in Metamask is switched on. Should I switch that off?
Can you please give me a step by step to find the motion sensors? Or do I not have it but something that does the same job?