Popup when Connecting ledger

Hello guys,

Was trying to connect my nano s to metamask, but found a popup asking metamask-github-io to have access to my ledger live.

I never found any mention of this popup in the guide, so i came here to ask whatever It Is part of the procedure to link the HW wallet to MM.


Would you be able to send a screenshot of the pop-up?

Here is also the steps on our Knowledge Base that may help you:

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Hi, the popup Is the one in the image

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I’m afraid you may be interacting with a scam website. The GitHub page for Metamask is MetaMask · GitHub

Regardless, GitHub is not involved when connecting your Ledger to your MetaMask. Please follow the steps in the Knowledge Base article I linked above to connect your Ledger.

Be careful of scammers!

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Sorry, but i am not following you. The metamask extension Is from your download page. The PC Is brand new…has literally 1 hour of Life. The ledger live has been donwloaded from ledger site.

This only happens when i try to connect with ledger live. Of i chose WebHID i Simply have to choose the correct address.

I also notes from reddit, that similar message were delibered as Windows security errore and a fix was release After a while

Sorry for the confusion. Are you trying to connect through Ledger Live or webHID? For Ledger Live, it does look like this popup does occur and is necessary for you to connect with your Ledger. You can see the process here:

If you are trying to connect through webHID, Ledger Live is not needed and all you have to do is have your Ledger connected to your device.

Thanks a lot.

I Imagine there Is no difference between the two interaction in terms of security?

As far as I know, they are just different ways to connect to MetaMask.