How to disconnect MM from ledger

I connected ledger with MM and now i have to accept every transaction using ledger. How can i change that back, so i dont need ledger anymore for a transaction?

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You can simply remove the ledger account you have connected to MetaMask. Click on the three dots on the right and remove account.

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but i dont want to remove the account because all is lost then, right?
i just want to remove the ledger from the account.

Everything you have on the Ledger account it will stay there, unless you transfer it away. Disconnecting your Ledger does not mean losing your funds. The ledger account is a separate account that you can access via the MetaMask wallet. And which you can disconnect at any point like I mentioned.

Please follow this article to understand better how Ledger works with MetaMask. Inside the article there are also links from the Ledger website with guidance


But how can i login to the account then again after deleting it? I would need the private key them, right? But now i cant open it because of connection to ledger. Is there another way?

Read this :point_down:

You don’t need the hw wallet privat key.
Try to do the test :grinning: connect your hw wallet in another browser + create new MetaMask wallet. You will see the same Ledger eth address as now. In the first browser.

If you use MetaMask Account 1 :point_down: don’t forget to save the MetaMask seed phrase


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