How to send funds out of a trezor account?

When I was linking my Trezor hardware wallet to metmask I chose one of the random addresses that metamask gives you. I didn’t see my Trezor suite address on the list, probably because I didn’t refresh metamask by logging out and logging back in.
So I’m not even sure if the hardware wallet address I created on metamask is linked to my Trezor seed phrase.
I have tried to get funds out of this “hardware” wallet address but it’s not working. It says, “transaction failed signature doesn’t match the right address”
And most of the time the transaction stays “pending” but there is nothing on etherscan.
How can I get my money out of this hardware wallet address?

This sounds like you setup metamask trezor option with a passphrase, but you don’t have a passphrase on your trezor one?

If you got a trezor one the passphrase can only be chosen from software, not on the hardware device.

If you got a Trezor Model T you need to enter your passphrase when you connect your hw wallet

I believe metamask can only connect to those “hidden” wallets that are setup via passphrase if the actual hardware device is using a passphrase too.

I think what happens is:

You created MM hw connection with seed + pass
Your trezor is generating seed only
Since the seed does not match seed+pass, it attempt to sign with a wrong key, hence the error

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wiki.trezor dot io/Passphrase
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